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Mademoiselle Zazie

A contemporary series about friendship, packed with comedy !

Mademoiselle Zazie is first and foremost a series about friendship: that of Zazie and Max, the inseparable best friends, as well as that of the whole tribe : Pedro, Tariq, Cindy and Abigail!

They are 7 year-old, live by the seaside and have so much fun together ! The whole bunch takes us into their games, their private jokes and their daily adventures.

They actually start to discover the world of grown-ups, and want to understand it.  They will try to do so… but will shake it up to make it all their own ! They will solve problems in a way we, as grown-ups, would never expect them to !

Mademoiselle Zazie is a resolutely contemporary series, packed with comedy, with all of the kids’ crazy ideas, their silliness and quirkiness!
Zazie and her friends make us laugh and that’s great!

Director(s) : Romain Villemaine

Author(s) : Thierry Lenain & Delphine Durand

Producer(s) : Pierre Sissmann

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