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Guess What ?

Travel with Timothy and Annabel in a new interactive edutainment series !

Timothy and Annabel are two playful rabbits who love having fun and sharing their adventures with children. Their favourite game is solving puzzles. But before they find the solution of each mysterious question, our heroes will meet lots of friends, collect clues and enter into the Fantasy Land of Guesses as they leap into the kid computer. Guided by their friend the Sun, helped by the Pink Fairy, Timothy and Annabel will travel throughout five magic lands looking for answers. Watch out as our two cute rabbits embark on a journey full of surprises and discoveries, interacting with the young viewers! And what a great fun to celebrate Timothy and Annabel’s success in each adventure by singing and dancing altogether!

Director(s) : Olivier Lelardoux

Author(s) : Pierre Sissmann / Billy

Music : Ludovic Loy

Copyright : © Canal J SAS - Cyber Group Studios 2009.

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