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Mia and her friends: from a tiny little world to big adventures!

Mia is a six year old mouse who lives in the depths of a large house, with her Granny Mimi, her friends and neighbours. Inquisitive, daring and fearless, Mia gets excited by everything and anything: she wants to see, try and experience it all! And it’s understandable: she’s six now – the ideal age to go and discover the world around her… And start understanding she’s not the center of it all…

Director(s) : Ghislain Cyr & Olivier Lelardoux

Author(s) : Kutoka Interactive

Producer(s) : Ghislain Cyr, Pierre Sissmann & Luc Wiseman

Copyright : © Cyber Group Studios - Sardine Productions 2014. "Mia" is a trademark of Kutoka Interactive Inc. used under license by SardineProductions Inc. All rights reserved.

Additional Mention : Produced by Cyber Group Studios and Sardine Productions for TIJI and Société Radio-Canada. With the participation of SpaceToon Media.

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