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OZIE BOO ! specials

Welcome to the Special Winter Adventures of the Ozie Boos !

« A friend for Christmas »: Christmas is approaching! The Ozie Boos are really excited! On their way to Santaland to give their letters, the penguins make an amazing discovery: a tiny pink Mammoth is standing there, frozen in the ice…

« A night for wishes »: A few days after Christmas, the Ozie Boos and their new friend Niourk are trying to figure out their best wishes for New Year’s Eve. Suddenly, they realize that their baby toys have gone missing… On their journey, not only do they solve the mystery, but they have a revelation: a wish won’t come true overnight, they’ve got to try hard all year to succeed and grow up a little bit too.

Director(s) : Olivier Lelardoux

Author(s) : Billy / Olivier Lelardoux / Pierre Sissmann

Producer(s) : Billy / Pierre Sissmann

Music : Ludovic Loy

Song : Pierre de Surville / Ludovic Loy

Copyright : © Esteban Productions - Cyber Group Studios (p) Cyber Group Studios / Tiji 2009

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