14-year success-story creating and selling animated series around the world

Since 2005, the series produced and distributed by Cyber Group Studios delight children around the world introducing them to new friends and great stories that will help them grow. They rank among the broadcasters’ best rated shows and have earned multiple international nominations and awards.

Leveraging a 30-year experience in the industry

Cyber Group Studios management team brings a 30-year experience built working as top-executives for international leaders such as The Walt Disney Company, Sony, BBC and TF1. This expertise includes producing blockbuster animated series and movies, international distribution and licensing, interactive content and digital game.

In-house production studio, distribution and licensing

To ensure the global appeal of its series, Cyber Group Studios does most of the production in its in-house studio and with the best partners around the world. To maximize the series’ potential worldwide, it also conducts all broadcasting sales in-house while consumer products licensing is done both in-house and with a team of 12 agents located in the key international markets.

Dynamic and fast growing global market offering great business opportunities

Opportunities are multiple such as finding or creating intellectual properties that will become great series, developing series into international franchises with long life-time, industrializing series’ production process, leveraging digital distribution growth, creating multi-screen content experiences, co-producing with international partners or distributing worldwide great series produced by others.

What we are looking for

If you share our passion about creating great entertainment experiences leveraging the endless opportunities provided by the new digital world. If, like us, you believe in doing business with integrity and building long-term and successful business partnerships. We are interested in exploring with you business opportunities around:

Creating or adapting intellectual properties to animated series or digital games

Co-producing and distributing preschool and kids’ animated series with international potential

Distributing internationally already produced preschool and kids’ animated series

Exploiting worldwide or regionally the consumer products licensing rights of a preschool or kids’ series

Creating innovative digital games based on our series

Digital media distribution



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