About Cyber Group Studios

Founded in 2005, Cyber Group Studios is a leading multi award-winning international producer and distributor of animated programs for an audience ranging from kids to young adults. 

The company is based in France, the United States, UK, Italy, and Singapore, with strategic partners in China. 

Its team is driven by a passion for creating great stories targeted to a global audience on all continents. Its five production studios share a strong culture of innovation, offering audiences the best storytelling, animation, and music experience. 

Cyber Group Studios produces its own content as well as third-party productions that are distributed worldwide on all digital and linear platforms. It also engages in large-scale marketing and consumer products licensing programs of its characters and properties.

Our Commitments

We firmly believe that diversity and equality are essential values for our company. We are committed to providing an inclusive and fair working environment for all our employees, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or socio-economic status.

We are committed to:

  • Recruiting talent regardless of their different backgrounds and cultures, ensuring that candidates are assessed on the basis of their skills and experience, and offering professional development opportunities to all.
  • Promote gender equality by ensuring that women are represented at all levels of the organization, offering benefits such as flexible working and guaranteeing fair pay for all employees.
  • Raising employee awareness of diversity and inclusion by organizing regular training on issues of diversity, unconscious bias and harassment, and encouraging the participation of all employees in such training.
  • To create a respectful working environment where every employee is treated with dignity and respect, and where inappropriate behavior such as harassment, discrimination and prejudice is not tolerated.
  • Encourage employees to express their opinions and share their suggestions for improving life in the company and provide channels for open and transparent communication.
We are proud of our commitment to diversity and equality and will continue to work to ensure that all our employees feel respected, valued and included in our business.
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The Offices

Cyber Group Studios continues to grow internationally. In addition to our Paris headquarters, Los Angeles office (USA), and studio in Roubaix (Hauts-de-France), Cyber Group Studios has also added Graphilm (Italy), A Productions (UK), and Scrawl Animation (Singapore) to our group. 
Cyber Group Studios (France)
The headquarters and the Parisian studio located in Paris.
Cyber Group Studios (France)

Our traditional and real-time studio located in Roubaix, Haut de France.

Cyber Group Studios USA LLC

The USA office located in Burbank, California.

A Productions (UK)

The UK studio and producer located in Bristol.

Graphilm (Italy)

The Italian production company and office located in Rome.

Scrawl Animation (Singapore)

Our Asian studio located in Singapore.

Cyber's team

If your looking for a team member or want to discover our different departments (Sales & Digital, Production, Development, Licensing, G&A ...)please read more .
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