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Foreign Body rewarded as Best Foreign Production by HD Film Festival 2008.

The HD Film Festival is an event that has been created by the Club HD, a professional group aiming at promoting and communicating on High Definition , along with SATIS, a trade show focused on sound and image technologies. The main goal of this Festival is to encourage production and distribution of works produced in high definition. « It (.) seemed obvious (.) that an event celebrating HD with such openness and such a broad spectrum should also abolish its own boundaries! » explains Stephan Faudeux, president of the HD Club. It is done now: the Festival’s third edition will host a new international selection, dedicated to foreign contents! It is for this category that Foreign Body , coproduced by Michael Eisner ‘s company Tornante and Cyber Group Digital Media , was rewarded as Best Foreign Production by HD Film Festival 2008. Available as a series (50×2′) or as a TV Movie (1×90’), Foreign Body is a prequel to best selling author Robin Cook’s latest book, a thriller that delves into the world of medical tourism with twists and turns of seduction, murder and international intrigue.

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