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Adam’s Bakery

Have fun with Adam in this amazing fantasy!

Adam and his dinosaur friends live in a beautiful and colorful forest town : Shangri-la. And right in the middle of this forest is the country’s most popular bakery : Adam’s Bakery .

Then who is Adam? He is the very talented apprentice of Miranda, the baker master. Since the master had to leave, Adam has become the holder of this Bakery together with the lovely Candy Sisters. They share so much fun preparing some very special recipes with the Magic Baking Machine.
They can cook the lollipops to help people change their moods, or the jelly to become invisible, or even the gingersnap carousel to time-travel  !

Adam will always prepare these recipes with one main goal : help their friends and neighbors get out of trouble in their adventures … but also bring a lot of fun to the small town !

Copyright : Copyright © 2011, All Rights Reserved by Changzhou Dinosaur Land Culture and Creativity Co., Ltd. Distribution: Cyber Group Studios

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