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Zak Jinks

The hilarious day-in-the-life of a mischievous and loveable 8 year-old boy!

Zak is an ordinary, joyful and very optimistic boy who happens to be eminently likeable.

Endowed with an over flowing imagination, he never runs out of funny ideas to take-up the challenges every 8 year-old kids has to face in his daily life. School, street and home are all perfect settings for this kind and inventive little trouble-maker.

In this sitcom we follow Zak and his friends in their everyday life: getting invited to a birthday party he has been excluded from, announcing bad grades to his parents, getting round a television ban, dressing up for Halloween….

Although Zak always feel like being on the right tracks, the scheme he dreams up with his friends and classmates always end in a maelstrom of mischief… and laugh!

Zak Jinks is a sitcom about friendship and creativity.

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