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Cloud Bread

A poetic series full of warmth and poetry

One rainy morning, two curious children find a small piece of cloud snagged on a twig. They take it to their mom and she bakes it into bread. When they eat it, they begin to float like clouds.

This wonderful new series combines stories full of warmth and strong values with all the fantasy and whimsy of a child’s imagination. Cloud bread takes us into a world of striking animation design, brought to life in three dazzling dimensions.

Available in stereoscopic 3D and in 2D Based on the book written by Baek Hee-Na.

Copyright : © GIMC, KBS, Carloon, DPS, Hansol. Based on the original story "Cloud Bread", written by Beak Hee-na, Kim Hyang-soo. Distribution Europe / Middle East / Africa : Cyber Group Studios

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