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OZIE BOO ! – Learn To Live Together

Learn how to live together in winter wonderland

Say hello to Ned, Ted, Ed, Fred and Nelly, five young penguins who are the best of friends. Join these cuddly kids as they embark on a series of wonderful adventures across their winter wonderland.

With help from a host of cute characters from throughout the animal kingdom, these brave little friends discover how to learn to live together and to survive in their new environment.

With Leo the leopard and Orca the whale on their trail, these tiny heroes must keep all of their wits about them to survive each new adventure and learn valuable life lessons along the way.

Director(s) : Olivier Lelardoux

Author(s) : Billy / Olivier Lelardoux / Pierre Sissmann

Producer(s) : Pierre Sissmann / Billy

Music : Ludovic Loy / Lyrics by Pierre de Surville

Copyright : © Esteban Productions - Cyber Group Studios -Tiji 2006

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