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OZIE BOO ! Save The Planet

Learn and discover how to live together in harmony on our planet earth

A soft and entertaining introduction to Ecology for the preschoolers, with the Ozie Boo Team and their friends, with an optimistic touch and high quality real world images. The Ozie Boo Team goes to school like all children around of the world… but their school is the Nature School.

The “Ozie School”, built completely out of ice and ice cubes, with frozen benches and pristine desks, is the North Pole school where Nelly, Ned, Fred, Ted, Ed, our energetic and curious little penguins, ask the same questions all children ask, with four major themes: pollution, natural resources and climate, species in danger, and protection of the Planet.

Director(s) : Olivier Lelardoux

Author(s) : Billy / Olivier Lelardoux / Pierre Sissmann

Producer(s) : Billy / Pierre Sissmann

Music : Ludovic Loy

Song : Pierre de Surville / Ludovic Loy

Copyright : © Esteban Productions - Cyber Group Studios (p) Cyber Group Studios / Tiji 2010

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