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Patch Pillows

An enchanting series for the young-at-heart

Patch Pillows is an utterly delightful and charming series for young children, about a group of patchwork pillows and their many friends. Living in their colourful home of Patch Valley, they spend their days searching for adventure and having fun.

The Pillows are stitched together with different fabrics, making them all mix and match! There’s daring round-shaped Sunny, energetic triangle Annie, the creative (and ever-giggly) hexagon-shaped Penny and square, glum Manny, who always expects it to rain, although it never does…

Patch Pillows is more than just great story-telling and animation. Each episode includes a powerful moral lesson for our audience to learn from. And most episodes has full interaction with our young audience, as the little Pillows teach their young human friends their alphabet, how to count, what different shapes look like or what the colours of the rainbow are.

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