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Purple Turtle

The adventures of Purple Turtle celebrate the joy of childhood curiosity, and discovery.

Our hero, Purple Turtle, models ingenuity, perseverance, and critical thinking. He loves having fun and solving problems! Purple Turtle and his friends – Roxy the Chameleon, Zing the Rabbit, Melody the Bird, and Tadley the Bear – are animals who live in burrows, nests, and tree stumps.

They have a spot they call « Our Place, » a clearing in the forest with a flower-rimmed pond fed by a waterfall. It is a natural playground with trees for climbing, chutes in the rocks for sliding, and paths for playing. Each day, one of the friends brings something they have found that acts as the catalyst for a new adventure.

Perhaps it’s a strange feather, a uniquely-shaped rock – something glimpsed, heard or rumoured.


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