2 October 2010

Cannes, October 2nd 2010.

At the occasion of the 2010 MIPCOM JUNIOR, GIMC and Cyber Group Studios announce a distribution partnership in Europe for Cloud Bread, the first worldwide 3D pre-school stereoscopic series.

Cloud Bread, a 78 x 7’ 3D CGI series tells the story about two curious children that find a small piece of cloud snagged on a twig. They take it to their mom and she bakes it into bread. When they eat it, they begin to float like clouds. This wonderful new series combines stories full of warmth & strong values with all the fantasy and whimsy of a child’s imagination. Cloud bread takes us into a world of striking animation design, brought to life in three dazzling dimensions. Produced by GIMC, a Korea based studio, Cloud Bread explores edutainment in a new way through 3D vision. Created, funded and produced by GIMC and Carloon Film&TV Animation in China, and supervised by Larry Huber, a renowned animation producer who has worked for years for Nickelodeon, Cloud Bread is a unique way to appeal to preschoolers through a total immersion in the image. Debuting on KBS this fall in Korea, the full stereoscopic episodes of the series will be available together with a regular CGI version and fully delivered in early 2011. “We are thrilled of this association with GIMC, in view of our long-term commitment to top preschool properties and also to the development of new technology to enhance entertainment for our public” declares Pierre Sissmann, President of Cyber Group Studios. “The launch of Cloud Bread in 3D as a world premiere marks a very important step in delivering edutainment to children around the world and we are pleased to be associated to Cyber Group Studios in Europe, whose own pre-school series have already travelled the five continents”, declares Heung-Soo Park, GIMC’s President and former founder of EBS. Cloud Bread 3D episodes will be on display in Cannes throughout MIPCOM at Cyber Group Studios booth R31.13.[/vc_column_text]


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