Cyber Group Studios announces a new slate of deals with key broadcasters worldwide

28 November 2019

 Paris, November 27th, 2019 – Following a successful MIPCOM, Cyber Group Studios, the multi-award-winning company that produces and distributes animated series for kids and families, has secured a raft of international deals with leading broadcasters. 

“We are thrilled that the market has so warmly welcomed our programs around the world” said Raphaelle Mathieu, Senior Vice President Sales, Acquisitions and Digital, Cyber Group Studios. “I am particularly proud to strengthen our relationships with clients in Eastern Europe and Asia, territories that have become increasingly important in our development strategy.” 

The new partnerships include: 

In Western Europe

  • FRANCE & BENELUX – Droners (26x22’ HD-2D-CGI), the new hit series from Cyber Group Studios and La Chouette Compagnie, which has ranked as the #17 most-screened program at MIPJUNIOR this year, has been presold to TF1 (France) and Disney Chanel (France and Benelux) 

• NETHERLANDS – Mini-Ninjas season 1 (52x11’ HD-2D-CGI) based on the best-selling video game distributed by Square Enix (over a million units sold) and official nominee at Pulcinella Awards, Cartoon On The Bay (Italy) and at the Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival, SICAF (South Korea) has been acquired by Disney 

  • ITALY: Ernest and Rebecca (52x11’ HD-2D) an animated comedy series commissioned by TF1 (France), full of tenderness, energy and based on the eponimous comic book has been acquired by Discovery 

In Eastern Europe

POLAND - TVP ABC has acquired three major series: 

  • Gigantosaurus (52x11’ HD-2D-CGI) – Cyber Group Studio’s hit series, commissioned by Disney Worldwide and France TV 
  • Tom Sawyer (26x22’ HD-2D-CGI) The company’s latest classic hit, coproduced with PVP and with RAI/SRC/HR/ARD, among others, as initial partners 
  • Zorro The Chronicles (26x22’ HD-CGI) The iconic series that has already been sold in more than 170 territories globally 

POLAND – ITI Neovision has acquired two series: 

  • Ernest and Rebecca (52x11’ HD-2D) 
  • Mirette Investigates (52x11’ HD-2D) 

SERBIA, MONTENEGRO, BOSNIA, CROATIA – Prava i Prevodi has acquired a package of four library titles: 

  • Raju the Rickshaw (78x7’ HD-CGI) 
  • Animalia (40x24’ HD-CGI) 
  • Guess What? (52x7’ HD-CGI) 
  • Patch Pillows (78x7’ - HD CGI) 

In Asia Pacific

Cyber Group Studios continues to establish its presence in a number of global territories with recent sales in: 

AUSTRALIA – ABC Australia has acquired Sadie Sparks (52x11’ HD- 2D- CGI) 

CHINA – Shanghai Senyu Culture Media has acquired Mia (39x11’ – HD-CGI) 

TAIWAN – PTS has acquired Gigantosaurus (52x11’ HD-2D-CGI) 

MYANMAR – Canal+ has acquired: 

  • Mini Ninjas season 2 (104x11’ HD-CGI) 
  • Mademoizelle Zazie (78x7’ HD-CGI) 

THAILAND – Cinexplex/True Visions has picked up

  • Leo the Wildlife Ranger (60x11’ HD-CGI) 
  • Zak Jinks (52x11’ HD 2D) 

HONG-KONG – TVB has acquired: 

  • The Pirates Next Door (52x11’ HD-CGI) 
  • The Long Long Holiday (26x22’ HD-CGI) 

BANGLADESH Barind has acquired a package of programs, including: 

  • Ozie Boo Save the Planet (78x7’ HD-CGI) 
  • Season 1 of Mini Ninjas (104x11’ HD-CGI) 
  • Iqbal, Tale of a Fearless Child (80’ HD-CGI) 

VIETNAM – SCTV has acquired Mini Ninjas season 1 (104x11’ HD-CGI) 


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