Cyber Group Studios expands global reach with new international broadcast and digital partners

12 January 2022

Award-Winning studio secures deals for 16 series with diverse group of leading international companies.

Paris – Tuesday, January 11th, 2022Cyber Group Studios, a leading producer and distributor of animated series for children and families worldwide has secured major broadcast and streaming partnerships with top international broadcasters and digital platforms. The new deals will bring 16 of the company’s distributed series to viewers across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

“We’re very pleased to be working with so many of the world’s leading broadcast and streaming partners that share our commitment to providing quality children’s programming to kids and families everywhere,” said Raphaelle Mathieu, SVP Sales and Acquisitions and New Media at Cyber Group Studios. “Our expansive and diverse slate provides a rich range of content for today’s young audiences, and we look forward to work with even more producers and co-producers, to make our distributed programs available to more viewers around the globe to engage with, learn from and enjoy.

Cyber Group Studios newest partnerships include the following broadcasters and series:

  • TV3 (Spain) – Ernest and Rebecca, The Pirates Next Door and Sadie Sparks
  • SIC K (Portugal) – Tom Sawyer and Droners
  • MTVA (Hungary) – Zou (Seasons 2 and 3), Raju the Rickshaw and Tom Sawyer
  • LRT (Lithuania) – Mirette Investigates, The Pirates Next Door and Gigantosaurus(Season 1)
  • Ceska TV (Czech Republic) – Zou (Seasons 2 and 3)
  • AMC Networks International (Central and Northern Europe) – Ernest and Rebecca, Zorro: The Chronicles and Leo the Wildlife Ranger
  • RTBF (Belgium) – Sadies Sparks, Ernest and Rebecca

The company also has signed a raft of deals with Canal + for its international channels, including:

  • In Myanmar – Mirette Investigates, Leo the Wildlife Ranger and Purple Turtle
  • In Ethiopia (for the THEMA channel) – Zou, Mini Ninjas and Zorro: The Chronicles

And on the digital front, Cyber Group Studios has secured a streaming video on demand (SVOD) service deal with animation newcomer Bell Media, Canada's largest mass media company, for English- and French-speaking VOD rights for The Pirates Next Door, Mini Ninjas, Sadie Sparks, and Zorro: The Chronicles.

All of these agreements follow a successful October 2021 MIPCOM launch of three new series:

  • Squared Zebra,produced under the newly-created French and Russian joint label Cyber Soyuz Junior;
  • Nefertine on the Nile corpoduced with Graphilm (Italy), Wahoo! (Belgium) in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi;
  • The Last Kids on Earth, Netflix original animated series based on Max Brallier's bestselling books and produced by Thunderbird Entertainment's animation studio Atomic Cartoons.

 Secured partnerships include these broadcasters: 

  • ABC AustraliaSquared Zebra
  • Ceska TV (Czech Republic) and HOP! (Israel) – Nefertine on the Nile
  • LRT (Lithuania) – The Last Kids on Earth

More broadcast partnerships are currently in active discussions globally and will be announced soon.

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The Last Kids on Earth (Pilot: 66’ + 24x22’ + 2 specials); Target: 6-10 y.o; 2D; Comedy/Action

© Atomic Cartoons (Last Kids) Inc.

A Netflix original animated series based on Max Brallier's bestselling books and produced by Thunderbird Entertainment's animation studio Atomic Cartoons.

Four kids are forced to survive alone in a world of monsters. That’s pretty much the plot of a video game, right?!

Squared Zebra (78×7’) Target: preschool 4-6 y.o; 2D; Comedy/Edutainment

©Soyuzmultfilm, Cyber Group Studios

The new creation of the French-Russian animation label Cyber Soyuz Junior

An animated series that promotes diversity, friendship and teamwork

Nefertine on the Nile (52 x 11’) Target: 4 -7 y.o; 2D – CGI; Animation/Comedy

©Graphilm, Wahoo!, Cyber Group Studios

Corpoduced with Graphilm (Italy), Wahoo! (Belgium) and Cyber ​​Group Studios (France) in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi.

Fantastic mix of adventure, comedy and discovery

Ernest and Rebecca (52x13'); Target: 5 - 8 y.o; 2D – CGI; Comedy

©Media Valley - 2018-2019 Based on the comics series «ERNEST & REBECCA» by GUILLAUME BIANCO et ANTONELLO DALENA, originally published by LE LOMBARD. Distribution: Cyber Group Studios

An animated series full of comedy, tenderness and energy.

Gigantosaurus (156X11’) Preschool CGI; Comedy/Adventure

© Gigantosaurus S1 - CYBER GROUP STUDIOS - 2019
© Gigantosaurus S2 - CYBER GROUP STUDIOS - 2021
© Gigantosaurus S3 - CYBER GROUP STUDIOS – 2022

Four little dinos and one big Gigantosaurus… learn to dare!

Droners (52 x 22'); 6-10 y.o; CGI 2D; Action/Adventure/Anime/Comedy

© Cyber Group Studios, La Chouette Compagnie, Supamonks

A high-tech adventure in an eco-friendly world

A series that emphasizes action and team spirit

The Pirates Next Door (52X11’) 6-10 y-o CGI; Comedy

©Cyber Group Studios. «Based on Jonny Duddle’s book PIRATES NEXT DOOR published by The Templar Company Limited 2012».

Inventive and comedy driven scenarios with strong messages of tolerance given with fun and comedy

Sadie Sparks (52x11' or 26x22'); 6-11 y.o; 2D CGI; Adventure/Comedy/Magic/Sitcom

© Brown Bag Films - Cyber Group Studios 2019

A funny and tender duo; a kids-first sitcom and a unique animation choice: 2D for the magical realm and CGI for real life

Tom Sawyer (26 x 22'); 6-12 y.o.; 2D CGI; Adventure

© Cyber Group Studios, HR Hessischer Rundfunk; PVP Animation IV (2018) Inc.

One of the greatest children’s novels of all time

A series full of adventures, humor and friendship

Zou (156 X11’) Preschool CGI; Adventure/Animals/Comedy/Edutainment

The daily life of a zebra family: curiosity, love and imagination!

Season 1 © Cyber Group Studios – Scrawl Studios - 2012
Season 2 © Cyber Group Studios - 2014
Season 3 © Cyber Group Studios – 2016

Raju the Rickshaw (78X7’) Preschool; CGI; Comedy

©Accel Animation Studios

Take a ride with Raju the Rickshaw!

Mirette Investigates (52 x 11') 6 - 10 y.o; 2D; Adventure/Edutainment/History


Have fun with this bold investigator and her funny adventurer sidekick

A lively and funny duo interacting with people from all over the world

Zorro: The Chronicles (26X22’) 6-10 y-o; CGI; Action/Adventure/Comedy

© 2015 - Cyber Group Studios – Zorro Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved Zorro ®

An extraordinary hero in his quest for justice! 

Leo the Wildlife Ranger (60X11’) Preschool; CGI; Edutainment

© Omens Studios Pte Ltd./ Distribution: Cyber Group Studios

Learn about wildlife with Junior Ranger Leo!

Purple Turtle (52 x 7'); 2-5 y.o.; 2D Adventure/Animals/Edutainment

©Aadarsh, Telegael, Cyber Group Studios

The adventures of purple turtle celebrate the joy of childhood

An animated series designed for preschoolers to promote learning and life skills

Mini Ninjas (104 X11’) 6-10 y-o CGI; Action, Adventure/Comedy/Video game related

© TF1 Production – Cyber Group Studios – Enanimation - RTBF (OUFtivi)

Epic stories with a twist of ninja humor




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